Want to quit?

If you think you’re addicted to vaping, you’re not alone. There’s a range of support services and options to help you quit for good.

Getting help

You can call Quitline on 13 78 48 (13 QUIT) and talk to a counsellor 7 days a week. They’ll give you advice and help you develop a plan for quitting. If you’re over 12, nicotine replacement therapy products may also help.

The Quitline team will talk to you about different options and what might be best for you. They can also support your friends and family. Qutline is free and confidential.

If it’s outside business hours, you can request a call back by filling in an online form on the QuitHQ website.

You can also speak to your GP, pharmacist or school-based nurse, who can give you advice and support.

Just remember, you’re not alone and quitting is possible.

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Signs you might be addicted to vaping

Some common signs of nicotine addiction include:

  • feeling irritable
  • feeling anxious and, or depressed
  • having strong cravings to vape
  • not being able to concentrate
  • finding it hard to sleep.

Last updated: August 2023